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The Pecos Valley, which contains the Tererro remediation site, is an area that is being targeted for exploratory mining operations. This area is still recovering from irresponsible mining operations that contaminated the river in the 1990’s causing over 90,000 fish to be killed and millions of dollars spent by the state for cleanup.

Even early stages of exploratory drilling could contaminate the Pecos River and other streams nearby.

The waters of New Mexico’s Upper Pecos Watershed sustain and enrich the lives and livelihoods of all who live, work, and recreate there.

These mountains, rivers, watersheds, mesas and forests belong to the people of New Mexico. The Santa Fe National Forest and the Pecos Wilderness are home to the streams we fish, the trails we hike, the backcountry we camp and hunt in.

The Pecos is the backbone of a diverse ecosystem and the lifeblood of a culture that depends on that ecosystem staying intact and healthy.

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On April of 2019, Comexico LLC, a Colorado subsidiary of Australian mining company New World Cobalt Ltd, acquired 20 Federal Mining Claims near Tererro, NM and the surrounding national forest area. The company intends to start prospecting in the area for gold, copper and zinc.



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Pecos residents protest mine proposal

“Pecos villagers made it clear Thursday night that they remain opposed to a proposed mining project in their valley.”

Governor Opposes Pecos Mine

“My administration has heard from many New Mexicans who are deeply concerned by the prospect of mining resuming in the Pecos Valley, which contains the Tererro remediation site,” 

Santa Fe County adopts new mining rules

A public hearing on an ordinance to amend county’s Land Use Development Code wasn’t supposed to be about the prospect of a new mining operation north of Pecos.

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A proposed exploratory mining operation known as the Tererro Exploration Project risks the availability of clean water throughout the Pecos watershed, the continued existence of fragile species, and the outdoor recreation economy in and around Pecos Canyon that has been rebuilt over the past thirty years. Hundreds of local community members have weighed in on the proposal, and the Santa Fe National Forest has responded, confirming that the agency will now require an Environmental Assessment for the project!

The proposed drilling operation by Comexico, LLC – the Colorado subsidiary of Australian corporation New World Resources – would have dire consequences for the Wilderness, wildlife, water, and people in the Pecos region. Since 1991, when irresponsible extractive activities led to the kill-off of 90,000 trout, communities in the region have worked tirelessly to restore the economy and offer once in a lifetime outdoor opportunities. These efforts have persisted in the face of a future made uncertain by the growing climate crisis and the current COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing to prop up an abusive and irresponsible extractive industry would only amplify these challenges.

The project has no place in the Pecos Canyon and is wildly unpopular with local communities. In December 2019, around 250 community members attended a public meeting at Pecos High School to express opposition to the project and demand that the Santa Fe National Forest require a more in-depth review of the project.

Comexico attempted to persuade the Forest Service that a Categorical Exclusion was appropriate for this project, based on a review conducted by the company’s own paid contractor. The decision by Santa Fe National Forest Supervisor James Melonas to require an Environmental Assessment is the correct decision and will help ensure that Comexico’s proposal is met with appropriate scrutiny to protect public lands and waters and nearby communities.

While the Forest’s decision to require an Environmental Assessment is great news, the process is far from over. Comexico is still applying to the New Mexico Mining and Minerals Division (MMD) for a New Mexico Mining Act exploration permit. Comexico now has until August 25, 2020, to respond to MMD’s request for more information on the proposed project. “However, the Environmental Assessment process will ensure that Comexico will be unable to begin drilling in the Pecos Canyon until a comprehensive study is conducted to identify environmental impacts of the exploration and an analysis is completed that considers biodiversity, wetlands, water pollution, traffic, geotechnical risks, public safety issues, and hazardous substance issues.  It is possible that the EA could result in a denial of the project.”

Please sign this petition to thank Supervisor Melonas and his staff for making the correct decision to require an Environmental Assessment for Comexico’s proposed drilling operation!

Thank you for all you are doing to help Stop the Tererro Mine!