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“New legislation would increase wilderness areas in Santa Fe National Forest, but unclear its future impact on Terrero mine fight.”

“A U.S. Senate committee is expected to vote on a bill aimed at protecting the Pecos River from new mining claims in coming months.”

“WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich’s (D-N.M.) Pecos Watershed Protection Act is gaining momentum after it was considered during a hearing in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee today.”

“New Mexico delegates are reviving a bill to bar mining in the Pecos watershed, partly in response to renewed opposition to a foreign company seeking to extract metals in an area where a defunct mine’s massive toxic spill is a harsh, lingering memory.”

“WASHINGTON – U.S. Senators Martin Heinrich (D-N.M.) and Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) introduced the Pecos Watershed Protection Act, legislation to protect portions of the PecosWatershed in northern New Mexico from all mineral development.”

“Hilario Romero, who has ties to Northern New Mexico going back generations, said he doesn’t eat fish from the Pecos River anymore.”

“A movement to protect the Pecos River watershed has been gaining momentum since 2019, when a foreign mining company applied for a state permit to begin exploratory…”

“Since 2019, mining claims in the upper Pecos watershed west of Terrero have increased from 20 to 236, while the permitting process to begin exploratory drilling for gold, copper, zinc, lead, and silver..”

“Three members of New Mexico’s congressional delegation are asking the U.S. Forest Service for procedural information as the agency considers withdrawing…”

““Pecos Mine Site Reclamation Project. No Trespassing,” the sign on the fence reads. As Ralph Vigil takes in the warning, he once again has a sinking feeling that the past is about to repeat itself. “

“A state board unanimously approved safeguarding 305 miles of waterways in Northern New Mexico, an action conservationists hailed as a milestone in protecting a vital resource under threat from climate change and human encroachment.”

“Campgrounds closed. Tens of thousands of fish dead. Fears that children playing outside could be harmed by soil and water contaminated with lead.”

“In case anyone needed a reminder, the Pecos River remains at risk. This week, the beloved stream was named No. 5 in the nation on a list of endangered waterways…”

“I am a student at the May Center for Learning in Santa Fe. Recently, we have been studying water health. Even though we had been originally…”

“Clean water flowing from the Sangre de Cristo mountains has sustained acequia-irrigated farms and traditional communities for generations…”

“Our local elected representatives got it right in their piece (“Some places are simply too special to mine,” My View, June 25) when they wrote Pecos Canyon…”

“The Pecos is one of our state’s most popular fishing destinations, drawing anglers from across the state to fish and camp and enjoy time in a beautiful environment.”

“In the Pecos Valley, as much as anywhere, water really is life.

Daily, clean water flows downstream from the Sangre de Cristos, nourishing the land,…”

“Letter is the latest action taken by the delegation to protect the Upper Pecos Watershed and prevent new mining”

“In the summer, residents of Santa Fe and out-of-state visitors love to play in the Pecos Wilderness — it’s where families go to hike, fish, splash in the river, camp and otherwise commune…”

Richard Eeds Radio show: Tererro Mine feature

Ralph Vigil and Garrett VeneKlasen speak with Richard Eeds about Tererro Mine and the threat it poses to the Upper Pecos Watershed and local communities including Santa Fe. 

Public Lands Day Hike Highlights Reasons for Protecting Wilderness Area from Mining

“This Sunday, in celebration of National Public Lands Day, New Mexico Wild was joined by State and Federal Government Officials, the Upper Pecos Watershed Association,”

Local Communities Applaud Lujan Grisham Administration’s Support for Water Protections for Northern New Mexico Streams

A diverse coalition, including Tribal leaders and governments, community members, local governments, farmers, acequia members, water conservation groups,”

State gives ‘outstanding’ designation to northern NM waters, enhancing pollution rules

“The state will soon enact heightened protection against any unauthorized water pollution or other damages across hundreds of miles of rivers and streams in northern New Mexico.”

Coalition seeks Upper Pecos water protections

“For centuries, the Upper Pecos watershed has supported agriculture, Indigenous land uses and river recreation…”

Ralph Vigil’s farm in Pecos, New Mexico depends on the Pecos River as it has for 13 years, the same river that runs across almost the entire eastern side of the state, crossing its southern border with Texas in the…”

“Two of U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich’s conservation bills — one to ban new hard-rock mining in the Pecos watershed and the other to create a wilderness area near Taos — are gaining momentum.”

“U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, a New Mexico Democrat, is reintroducing three conservation bills with the hope they will gain traction under a bluer Senate and the Biden administration.”

“Pecos villagers made it clear Thursday night that they remain opposed to a proposed mining project in their valley.

“I don’t think we want this thing here,” said Pecos resident…”

“The Pecos Valley, which contains the Tererro Mine remediation site, is an area sacred to our people. This land still is recovering from irresponsible mining operations in the 1990s that contaminated the Pecos River…”

“New federal claims to extract minerals, including oil, gas and metals, would be barred in the Pecos watershed under a bill introduced by a New Mexico senator.”

“A new story map released today amplifies stories of connection to the Pecos River and surrounding area and the potential damage mining in the area would cause.”

Governor Opposes Pecos Mine

“My administration has heard from many New Mexicans who are deeply concerned by the prospect of mining resuming in the Pecos Valley, which contains the Tererro remediation site,” 

Santa Fe County adopts new mining rules

“A public hearing on an ordinance to amend county’s Land Use Development Code wasn’t supposed to be about the prospect of a new mining operation north of Pecos.”



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